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Meprolight Benelli Ghost Ring Self Illuminated Night Sight Set for M1S90/ M4 Post 2001 Green/Green

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Benelli M4 Ghost Ring Sights | Tritium Sights – XS Sights

Our Benelli sights are designed to be highly visible, and are offered in two colors: bright orange and yellow, with orange being faster and more visible. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wish your shooting accuracy didn’t depend on the time of day? Well, for Benelli M4 enthusiasts, the solution might be simpler than you think. Enter the world of ghost ring sights and, more specifically, tritium sights by XS Sights. These upgrades can turn night into day for your shooting accuracy. Let’s dive into why these sights could be your next must-have accessory.

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Meprolight ML34302 Benelli M1S90 M4 G/Ring Screw Sight Set

Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number ML34302
Model Meprolight Self Illuminated Benelli Ghost Ring Night Sight Set
Type Shotgun Sights
UPC 840103137476

benelli m4 night sights

Introduction to Benelli M4 Night Sights

Imagine it’s like having a flashlight that only you can see, guiding your aim in the dimmest conditions. That’s what upgrading your Benelli M4 with night sights offers. But not just any night sights; we’re talking about the cream of the crop: ghost ring sights and tritium sights by XS Sights.

Why Upgrade to Ghost Ring Sights?

Ghost ring sights offer a simple, yet effective upgrade to your standard sights, providing a larger aperture for quick target acquisition. It’s like swapping out a narrow window for a glass door; suddenly, everything becomes clearer and easier to see.

Tritium Sights: A Beacon in the Night

Tritium sights take it a step further. These small, self-luminous tubes filled with tritium gas light up your sight picture without batteries or charging. It’s akin to the glow of bioluminescent algae on a moonless night at sea – a natural guide in the darkness.

XS Sights: Leading the Way

XS Sights is at the forefront of this technology, offering durable and reliable upgrades for your Benelli M4. Their sights are designed not just for durability but for the utmost accuracy in low-light conditions.

Installation and Maintenance

Upgrading your Benelli M4 with these sights is a straightforward process that can dramatically increase your shooting efficiency. Regular maintenance ensures they last as long as your passion for shooting does.

Ghost Ring vs. Tritium Sights: What’s Best for You?

Choosing between ghost ring and tritium sights depends on your specific needs and shooting conditions. We’ll help you navigate these waters, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Real-World Applications: Why Night Sights Matter

From home defense to late-night hunting, the applications of night sights are vast. They empower you to extend your shooting hours, increasing not just your flexibility but also your confidence.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading

Every upgrade comes with its ups and downs. We’ll explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of upgrading your Benelli M4 with ghost ring or tritium sights.

Comparing Brands: XS Sights and Others

While XS Sights leads the pack, other brands also offer quality options. We’ll compare them, giving you a comprehensive view of the market.

User Experiences: Testimonials and Reviews

Hear from those who’ve walked this path before you. Real user experiences can shed light on the practical benefits and potential challenges of upgrading your sights.

Price Point: Investment vs. Return

Upgrading your sights is an investment in your shooting experience. We’ll discuss the cost, expected lifespan, and overall value of these sights, helping you make an informed decision.

Legal and Safety Considerations

Before making any modifications to your firearm, it’s crucial to understand the legal and safety implications. We’ll cover what you need to know to stay compliant and safe.

Where to Buy: Finding the Right Dealer

Not all dealers are created equal. We’ll guide you on where to find reputable dealers that offer authentic, high-quality sights for your Benelli M4.

Conclusion: Night Vision for the Everyday Shooter

Upgrading your Benelli M4 with ghost ring or tritium sights from XS Sights is like giving yourself night vision. It enhances your shooting capabilities, ensuring you’re prepared no matter the lighting conditions.


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