Savage MSR15 Recon 2.0 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem 16.13″ Barrel 30-Rounds



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Savage Arms MSR 15 Recon 2.0 5.56mm NATO 16.13in Black Semi Automatic Modern Sporting Rifle – 30+1 Rounds – Demand more from an out-of-the-box rifle.

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Savage Arms MSR 15 Recon 2.0 5.56mm NATO 16.13in: A Closer Look

When it comes to rifles, there’s a lot to choose from. But when you’re seeking something that stands out in terms of reliability, precision, and versatility, the Savage Arms MSR 15 Recon 2.0 5.56mm NATO 16.13in rifle often comes into the conversation. Why? Let’s dive in with a conversational tone, shedding light on this marvel in a way that feels like we’re exploring it together, side by side.

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The Evolution of the MSR 15

From Concept to Reality

The journey of the MSR 15 series is akin to a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Initially designed to meet the modern shooter’s demands, the Recon 2.0 version has evolved with enhanced features and functionalities, making it a go-to choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Key Features of the Recon 2.0

Precision Engineering at Its Finest

What sets the Savage MSR 15 Recon 2.0 apart? It’s all in the details – from its custom-forged lower receiver to the advanced barrel with a 5R rifling that minimizes friction and wear, enhancing accuracy and longevity.

Performance on the Range

A Symphony of Power and Precision

Shooting the Recon 2.0 is like hitting the perfect note every time. Its performance is a testament to Savage Arms’ commitment to excellence, offering a shooting experience that’s both exhilarating and reliable.

Customization and Accessories

Make It Yours

The beauty of the Recon 2.0 lies in its versatility. With a wide array of compatible accessories and customization options, it’s like a canvas waiting for the shooter’s personal touch to transform it into a masterpiece.

Comparing the Recon 2.0 to Other Models

Standing Tall Among Giants

How does the Recon 2.0 stack up against its peers? It’s a question of balancing innovation with tradition, and in this arena, the Recon 2.0 shines by offering a unique blend of both.

The Design and Aesthetics

A Visual Treat

Beyond its performance, the Recon 2.0 is a feast for the eyes. Its design speaks volumes about Savage Arms’ attention to detail, making it not just a tool, but a piece of art.

User Experience: What Owners Say

Hearing from the Heart

The real proof of the pudding is in the eating. Owners of the Recon 2.0 rave about its dependability, ease of use, and how it makes every shooting session memorable.

Maintenance and Care

Keeping the Spark Alive

Taking care of the Recon 2.0 is like nurturing a valuable relationship. With the right maintenance, it remains a faithful companion for years to come.

The Value Proposition

Worth Every Penny

In the world of rifles, you often get what you pay for. The Recon 2.0, with its unparalleled features and performance, presents a value proposition that’s hard to overlook.

Where to Buy

Starting Your Journey

Embarking on the adventure with a Savage MSR 15 Recon 2.0 begins with knowing where to find one. From local dealers to online platforms, options abound for eager enthusiasts.

MSR15 Recon 2.0 Features

Savage’s MSR15 Recon is an out-of-the-box standard rifle with upgrades serious shooters demand. It features a 6-position adjustable stock, carbon steel barrel, and a 7075 aluminum construction.

The Legal Landscape

Navigating the Regulations

Understanding the legalities surrounding the ownership and use of rifles like the Recon 2.0 is crucial. It’s about respecting the law while enjoying your passion.


In the grand scheme of things, choosing a rifle is a personal journey. The Savage MSR 15 Recon 2.0 offers a path filled with precision, performance, and pleasure. It’s more than just a firearm; it’s a partner in the pursuit of excellence.


1. What makes the Savage MSR 15 Recon 2.0 different from other rifles?

It stands out due to its precision engineering, customizable features, and exceptional performance.

2. Can I customize my Recon 2.0?

Absolutely! Its design allows for a wide range of accessories and customization options.

3. How does the Recon 2.0 perform on the range?

It offers a blend of power and precision, making every shot a satisfying experience.

4. What should I know about maintaining my Recon 2.0?

Regular cleaning and proper care will ensure its longevity and reliability.

5. Where can I buy the Savage MSR 15 Recon 2.0?

Check with local gun stores or online retailers specializing in firearms for availability.

MSR15 Recon 2.0 Specifications

  • Caliber: 223 Rem
  • Model: MSR15
  • Series: Recon 2.0
  • Stock Finish: Matte Black
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Barrel Length Range: 16″ to 16.99″
  • Sights: None, Optic Ready
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Muzzle: A2 Flash Hider
  • Grips: Black Magpul
  • Hand: Right
  • OAL: 33.50″-36.75″
  • Receiver Finish: Matte Black
  • Receiver Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Safety: Safety Selector Switch
  • Stock Description: Adjustable Magpul
  • Stock Finish Group: Black
  • Stock Material: Synthetic
  • Twist: 1:8″
  • Weight: 7.30 lbs
  • Barrel Description: Carbon Steel
  • Barrel Finish: Matte Black
  • Barrel Length: 16.13″