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M&P®9 SHIELD EZ® TRUGLO® TRITIUM PRO NIGHT SIGHTS NO THUMB SAFETY. 9MM. $619 … 9MM. $639. View. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Get the latest news and updates on products

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The Smith & Wesson M&P®9 SHIELD EZ®: A Friendly Giant in the World of Handguns

M&P®9 SHIELD EZ® TRUGLO® TRITIUM PRO NIGHT SIGHTS NO THUMB SAFETY. 9MM. $619 … 9MM. $639. View. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Get the latest news and updates on products  Easy to Rack Slide. Crisp, Light Trigger with Tactile and Audible Reset. Includes 2 Easy-To-Load Magazines. Grip Safety Windage Adjustable, White Dot Rear Sight. Disassembles without Pulling Trigger. Grip Texture Optimized to Size and Recoil.

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Tactile Loaded Chamber Indicator (TLCI). Picatinny-Style Rail. Perfect Size for Nightstand, Carry or a Day at the Range. Reversible Magazine Release. Optimal 18º Grip Angle for Natural Point of Aim. Armonite – Durable, Corrosion Resistant Finish. Backed by Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy.

M&P9 Shield EZ Specifications

  • Model: M&P9 Shield EZ
  • SKU: 13315 – Manual Thumb Safety
  • Frame Size: Compact Slim
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Action: Internal Hammer Fired
  • Capacity: 8+1 Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 3.675? (9.3 cm)
  • Front Sight: White Dot
  • Rear Sight: White Dot Adjustable for Windage
  • Frame Width: 1.04? (2.6 cm)
  • Overall Height: 5.05? (12.8 cm)
  • Overall Length: 6.8? (17.3 cm)
  • Sight Radius: 5.875? (14.9 cm)
  • Grip: Polymer
  • Weight: 23.2 oz. (656.8 g)
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel with Armornite Finish
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel with Armornite Finish
  • Slide Finish: Black Armornite
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Frame Finish: Cerakote Flat Dark Earth

Imagine a handgun that’s as intuitive as pushing a button to start a car. That’s the idea Smith & Wesson had in mind with the EZ technology. It’s designed to be straightforward, requiring less force for loading and racking, making it a top choice for those who might struggle with the stiff mechanics of traditional firearms.

Design and Ergonomics

The design of the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm is a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional ergonomics. Its contours fit snugly in the hand, ensuring that users can hold and operate the gun with confidence, without worrying about discomfort or slippage.

Performance and Reliability

When it comes to performance, the EZ 9mm shines with its accuracy and reliability. Whether at the range or in a defensive scenario, this handgun consistently performs, giving its users a sense of security and trust in its capabilities.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount with the M&P®9 SHIELD EZ®, and it’s evident in its features. Even without a thumb safety, its design includes grip and trigger safety mechanisms that ensure the gun fires only when you intend it to.

EZ Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with the EZ series. Its design allows for quick and easy disassembly, making cleaning and upkeep less of a chore and more of a simple step in responsible gun ownership.

Customization and Accessories

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm is not just a gun; it’s a platform for personalization. From sights to grips, the possibilities for customization ensure that every owner can make their EZ uniquely theirs.

User Experience: Testimonials

Hearing from those who have experienced the EZ 9mm firsthand highlights its impact. Stories range from first-time shooters to seasoned gun owners, all praising its ease of use and performance.

Comparing EZ 9mm with Other Handguns

In a side-by-side comparison with other handguns, the EZ 9mm’s unique features and user-friendly design stand out, making it a preferred choice for many.

Ideal Users of the M&P®9 SHIELD EZ®

This gun is for everyone. Whether you’re a new shooter or someone with physical limitations that make traditional firearms challenging to use, the EZ 9mm is designed with you in mind.

Buying Guide: Where and How

Looking to add the EZ 9mm to your collection? This section will guide you on where to find it and what to look for, ensuring you get the best deal and the right firearm for your needs.

The Verdict: Why Choose the M&P®9 SHIELD EZ®

Choosing the EZ 9mm means selecting a gun that combines safety, ease of use, and reliability in one package. It’s a choice that brings peace of mind and satisfaction.